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Giving a voice to the preservation of ocean life

It has long been Kate’s life’s goal to educate the public at large about the state of the world’s oceans today. Most people know very little about where their tuna fish sandwiches and sushi platters come from; in the future, Kate hopes to create documentary films that will fill these gaps in knowledge, and excite people to help with problems like over-fishing and the degradation of the seas.

This short music video, created while at Duke University where Kate studied Marine Biology, Marine Conservation, Documentary Film and Photography, gives us a glimpse of what she hopes to accomplish:

“Fix” the Ocean, Music Video from Kate Findlay-Shirras on Vimeo.
The video is comprised of short clips from all the top marine conservation documentaries (such as “The Cove,” and “The End of the Line”), and she hopes it inspires you to care about the issues plaguing an environment that cannot help itself.

Today, on World Oceans Day, you can do your part! Here are six things you can do to help oceans today: http://lnk.nu/oceanwire.wordpress.com/1olf

Here at Smartsitting, we’re incredibly thankful to have wonderful people like Kate in our network. Our Smartsitters share their dreams and passions with the children they mentor, inspiring and expanding young curious minds on a daily basis. For further information about our Smartsitter Kate Findlay-Shirras and her interests in the education of ocean preservation through documentary film-making, please contact me and I’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with Kate directly.

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