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The SmartSitting Guide to 8 Original End-of-Year Teacher Gifts!


It’s time to start thinking about end-of-year teacher gifts, and we know it can be hard to think of something personal and unique! While teachers appreciate the generosity of any gift, most of them have more apple-themed mugs and scented candles than they know what to do with. Below are some more original alternatives that they will truly love and enjoy!



  1. Gift Cards

 Although it may seem impersonal at first, teachers will really appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift card that was selected with their tastes or hobbies in mind. Is there a certain restaurant or cuisine you know they love? A local bookstore they frequent? Do they have pets, love to craft, or enjoy going to the movies? If you’re not sure, your kids will most likely have some ideas!

2.  A summer gift tote



We all know teachers need the relaxation of summer vacation after a busy school year. This is a great way to help them enjoy the break! You can have the tote bag monogrammed with their initials, and fill it up with essential summer supplies. Sunscreen, magazines, a nice towel, or snacks you know they love are all great options.  The more personal, the better!


3. Books for the classroom


Every classroom needs more books! And most teachers are eager for books they know kids love. Have your child pick out a few favorites and add a note about why they love them. This adds a great personal touch to any classroom!



4. Coffee or tea  


If you know their caffeinated beverage of choice, consider giving them a high-quality coffee or tea. They’ve probably had enough teacher’s lounge coffee for a lifetime, so they will really appreciate a first-rate alternative!



5. A personalized class photo


If you can get the whole class organized without them knowing, have each child sign a class photo and add a favorite memory from the school year. Teachers always love personal notes from kids, and they’ll be touched to hear the kids’ most meaningful moments.



6. Classroom supplies


 While some schools provide the bare basics, most teachers have to buy their own supplies for the classroom – and there are never enough!  Pencils, crayons, glue, erasers, whiteboard markers, chalk, highlighters, posters, hand sanitizer, tissues, paper – they need it all!



7. A high-quality journal



Lots of teachers like to write or keep journals, and they’ve probably had enough of spiral notebooks! Higher-quality journals always make great gifts. Barnes and Noble has a great selection!




8. A heartfelt note 


Nothing is more personal than a sincere letter of thanks and appreciation from you and your kids. Have your kids write a note with their favorite things about their teacher, including special memories, jokes from the year, favorite field trips, or projects or assignments they especially loved. Teachers also love personal notes from parents. Include details from the school years and the specific ways they made a difference for your child. This is truly a gift they will treasure forever!



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