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The SmartSitting Guide to Decorating Kids’ Rooms


Do you and your SmartKids need a summer project? Has it been years since you’ve updated their bedroom decorations? Have you been wanting to rearrange, declutter, or redecorate, but don’t know where to start? We can help! Check out our guide below for our top design tips for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, plus tips on how to get them involved in the process and make it fun!


Think outside the box. The more creative you can get, the better! Kids will love anything that makes their room special, especially if it relates directly to their interests or hobbies. We all know kids’ imaginations can run wild, so anything is possible with their new bedroom makeover!



Try chalkboard paint. This is a super fun way to add creativity to your child’s bedroom – plus, it can be an ever-changing piece of artwork! It makes a great activity for when friends come over, and keeps the room looking fresh and new each time they use it.




Consider fun alternatives to paint and wallpaper. If you want to avoid a messy all-day project, check out wall decals and other stick-on decorations. You can find them  in all shapes, sizes, and themes, and they’re easy to peel off when the kids are ready for their next bedroom makeover.  Check out this selection for ideas!





Go with a theme. We all know kids are especially passionate about their interests and hobbies. Do they love music? Sports? Animals? Pirates? Talk through their favorite things, and some great decorating ideas are bound to come out.



Give them their own special place – We know space can be a challenge in NYC, so you’ll have to get creative when it comes to giving them a space that’s all their own! Curtains, folding walls, forts, and various nooks created by furniture or decorations are all creative ways to give them their own fun hideaway.




Consider fun built-in features. If you don’t mind your apartment becoming the new playdate central, check out furniture that transforms your kids’ bedroom into a mini playground! They’ll have hours of entertainment when there’s no time for a real playground trip, and a fun start and end to every day. Check out this site for inspiration!




Simplify wall decorations. Instead of nailing or drilling holes for heavy artwork, try out fun alternatives – like hanging photos or drawings with clothesline! All you need is string, thumbtacks or nails, and clothespins, and you have an ever-changing decoration that’s easy on your walls. Kids will love filling it up with their favorite pictures!  


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