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For Families

Parents need a support system just as much as kids do. At SmartSitting, we uphold the highest standards of integrity, safety, and scrutiny in selecting the very best nannies to care for your children.

  • Our Screening Process

    Thorough. Intensive. Careful. Out of thousands of applicants every year, only 6% are invited to join our selective network.

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  • How We’re Different

    We've worked one-on-one with over 1,000 families over the past 10 years. Our team is available 365 days a year to provide personalized childcare for the changing needs of our families.

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  • Our Services & Rates

    We quickly help families hire New York nannies, mannies, and babysitters for full-time and part-time, regular after-school, date night, last minute, event, travel, and much more!

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It’s easier to get into Princeton than to become a SmartSitting nanny or babysitter.

We follow a rigorous screening process to vet the qualifications and background of everyone we invite to join our selective community. We review over one hundred applications per week and interview a select number of applicants in person at our Union Square offices. Upon a successful interview, we speak with a minimum of two child care-related references, conduct background checks, and finish with an evaluation from a SmartSitting Director to ensure that they are best matched with SmartSitting families. We believe that nanny and babysitter hires should be treated with the same level of professionalism as corporate hires.

Our Process

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  • Application
  • Interview
  • References
  • Background Check
  • Communication
  • Placement Evaluation
Our Services & Rates
  • Full-Time or Part-Time Nanny

    For families looking for a dedicated, active, and engaging individual for regularly scheduled full-time or part-time care, 20+ hours per week.

    $499 search premium

    $25-30 per hour nanny rate

    20% weekly or 15% annual placement

  • Short-Term Nanny

    For families looking for a smart, engaging, active individual to work for short-term care, 20+ hours per week. We’ll make it easy by conducting a personalized search and employing your nanny for you.

    $219 per month

    $40 per hour ($25 nanny rate, 18.75% employment taxes, 18.75% service support)

  • Coming Soon: Anytime Babysitter Benefit

    For families looking for babysitters throughout the year, whenever you need the support - occasional babysitting requests, date nights, backup care, school breaks, holidays, you name it. Need a back up plan? We’re it!

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How we’re different
How we’re different
We have loving, nurturing, and kind nannies.
We have energetic, creative, college-educated babysitters.
You can browse profiles online. Neat!
We even have awesome male nannies (Mannies).
We’re real people – not just a website. You can call us or e-mail us and we’ll respond to you.
We personally interview every babysitter, nanny, and manny at our offices.
We personally call at least two childcare-related references for each babysitter, nanny, and manny and keep them on file for families.
We run comprehensive background checks for every candidate hired by a family, whether they are referred for full-time, part-time, or on-call babysitting.
We personally coordinate on-call and last minute babysitting so you don’t have to scramble
We schedule interviews and coordinate trials so you don’t have to play phone tag or worry about scheduling with multiple candidates.
Percentage of total applicants we think are qualified enough to refer to your family. 6% 100% 100%
OUR Sitters

Let our SmartSitters tell you why they love spending time with your children.

When we meet with nannies and babysitters, we’re looking for a lot more than just standard qualifications. In fact, our recruitment directors won’t lower their standards to meet demand. We'll hand select our top candidates for your family, and we stand behind every candidate that we present. We think they’re all pretty special.

All of the SmartSitters on our site have completed our six step screening process. Click below to view individual biographies of our selective group of Smartsitters.

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