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For Nannies & Babysitters

Welcome to the SmartSitting Community!

If you’re a trustworthy, loving, reliable, and energetic caregiver, we’d love for you to complete an application to join our community. Our hiring process is very selective, so please take your time applying and be as thorough as possible.

  • SmartSitting & You

    We support our babysitters and nannies from the job search all the way through to employment by a SmartSitting family. We’re committed to helping you further your personal goals, whether that’s finding your next full-time, long-term family or a regular after-school position that makes it possible to live in New York while following your educational, artistic, or entrepreneurial pursuits.

  • Open Jobs

    We receive amazing child care opportunities from some of the most wonderful NYC families looking for full-time, part-time, and on-call help. We are looking for applicants who are available for 20 to 40 hours per week. You must be accepted into the SmartSitting network before you can interview for any of our positions. Positions are added and removed daily, so please apply today. We may have your dream job tomorrow!

  • Become a SmartSitter

    Are you a bright, creative, and talented individual looking for a rewarding position as nanny, manny, or babysitter? Are you a trustworthy, loving, reliable and energetic caregiver? We’re always actively looking for for amazing SmartSitters to join our team and we’d love for you to complete an application to join our network!


We’re here to help you with the professional side of child care so that you can focus on what you do best – working with kids.

A working relationship that takes place in someone’s home is very personal, so discussing compensation details like salaries and paid time off with your family employer can be challenging. We’re here to help you balance the personal and the professional from the very beginning.

Our internal team is always available to help you find the right way to ask a sensitive question or to navigate a challenging situation. We also jump in to help make sure your SmartSitting family has coverage if you get sick or an emergency comes up. We have an incredible appreciation and admiration for our talented community of caregivers and the work that they do.

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New York nanny with SmartSitter family's child

At SmartSitting, we follow an intense screening process to vet the qualifications and background of everyone we invite to join our community. We believe that hiring nannies and babysitters should be approached with a high level of professionalism, regardless of the personal nature of in-home work environments.

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    Placement Evaluation

Become a SmartSitter Qualifications and Rates

We’re looking for the very best child care providers in New York City

At SmartSitting, our mission is to lead society in respecting and valuing child care careers by providing professional employment opportunities. We believe that nannies and babysitters must be paid fairly and consistently for the important work they do. Babysitter and nanny rates range between $18 to $30+ per hour. All babysitters and nannies are legally W-2 employees, and are paid accordingly.

Apply Now
  • At least 2 years of recent professional experience working with children, ideally including in-home child care experience.
  • At least 3 strong references from recent professional childcare-related positions.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Demonstrate a passion for working with children.
  • Possess problem-solving skills, a can-do attitude, and a willingness to communicate openly.
  • Family-friendly social media presence.
  • Able to be paid as a W-2 employee.
  • Able to work with SmartSitting for at least 6 months.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Christina R.

    "SmartSitting is an amazing agency. They are reliable, compassionate, extremely professional, and make you feel like you’re a part of their family! I’ve been working for SmartSitting for 6 months and they have been nothing short of superb. They are very proactive and provided me with all the information I needed to know to be fully prepared for all potential jobs. I would highly recommend this agency if you are a parent looking for a sitter or a nanny/sitter looking to be a part of an amazing nanny/sitter company!"

  • Katelynn F.

    "As a Smart Sitter, I have the opportunity to see the value of SmartSitting first hand! Their office staff is kind, timely, and extremely personal; no computer bots here! Each family I am paired with is unique and comes with their own set of needs, but my training and experience with SmartSitting allows me to feel prepared and well-equipped for each job. I will most definitely use SmartSitting when I have a family of my own. They are the top!"

  • Lucie A.

    "I started working with SmartSitting about 6 months ago and they have been nothing short of amazing. They are the most reliable and responsive company I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They are also all incredibly kind! If you're thinking of working as a sitter for them, DO IT! If you're a family looking for a sitter, do it through SmartSitting."

  • Alexander R.

    "These guys are the best pure and simple. I've worked with at least three other nanny agencies over the years and none of them even come close to delivering this level of client service. I've referred them to several friends over the years and always had terrific feedback. They are also differentiated among other agencies in that they can deliver high quality candidates for both full time and part time positions (e.g. weekend nanny). Can't recommend SmartSitting enough. "

  • Chloe W.

    "I just started working as a SmartSitter for SmartSitting and my experience is incredible. They are extremely helpful, caring, and truly help you find the perfect job for you. They are responsive and very professional with how they handle everything. If you are a nanny or a babysitter, I highly recommend this agency. They genuinely have your back and are always there to help. I've been a nanny for a long time and going through this agency, has made my life a whole lot easier and a whole lot better! Again, I highly recommend it. They are awesome!"

  • Jonathan C.

    "I have been favored enough to be a member of the SmartSitting family for the past 2 years and have sincerely never worked with a more professional, articulate, caring & savvy group of individuals. They continue to prove they always have their employee's best interests — I have felt welcomed, acknowledged, heard, and respected. Never once have I experienced neglect or passivity. SmartSitting is an undeniably trustworthy company and an ultimate asset for so many families. Their hard work continues to speak for itself — I can’t say enough positive things about them, because they have done so much for me and others alike. If you are a babysitter, caregiver, or family looking for an environment that will put your needs first, will extinguish their resources and go above and beyond expectations to fulfill them... SmartSitting is the place for you."

  • Marisa F.

    "As a SmartSitter, I have had a wonderful experience working with SmartSitting! I have been working with children of all ages in a variety of settings for roughly fifteen years, and the last two have been with SmartSitting. Every staff member I have had any exchange with has been enormously supportive with clear and consistent communication, and everyone is clearly dedicated to the work. I know I can always ask a question and get answers or assistance getting the answers. I strongly recommend SmartSitting as a nanny/babysitter, and can easily say the families I have worked with have been wonderful and an incredible fit both professionally and personally!"

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