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We’re meeting great new families every day, so it’s important to apply, interview, complete the screening process, and be ready to jump right in when the perfect opportunity comes your way. Full-time, part-time, after-school care, and on-call babysitting: this is the place to start.

  • WEEKEND LIVE-IN NANNY: Responsible, active and attentive nanny for two kids, 3.5 and 1.5, in Amagansett with FULL benefits

    $250-300/day ($25-30/hour) + $50/day stipend!


    Are you looking to spend your weekends away with two adorable toddlers? Want to travel with a great family offering a competitive salary PLUS a stipend? This is the job for you!

    A SmartSitting family in Flatiron is looking for a weekend nanny to travel to and from Amagansett in the Hamptons with them and their 3.5 year old girl and 1.5 year old boy. Their ideal schedule is Thursday night to Sunday night with possible additional hours on one weekday. The family would love someone who is intuitive and responsible, who will pay close attention to their kids' needs as well as the household's needs! They're looking for a team player who has potential to grow with them and their children and become part of the family.

    The rate for this role is $250-300/day ($25-30/hour gross) for 40 hours/week guaranteed. They are also happy to throw in a healthcare stipend, metrocard, and birthdays as well as federal holidays off. They're looking for someone for this summer, so jump on this opportunity!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    The ideal candidate is someone who can manage both kids, and has experience with their age groups and multiples. The family is hoping for someone who takes a proactive approach to their care, and will get to know the kids and be able to pinpoint their development stages. Attention to detail and great communication are important to the family, and they're looking for someone who is comfortable being an easy-going team player. They would love to hire someone who can grow with them!


    The core schedule is Thursday night to Sunday afternoon/night in Amagansett (with travel to/from Flatiron on Thursday and Sunday). The family would also love one additional afternoon or evening in the week. They are happy to guarantee 40 hours/week.

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  • PART-TIME AFTER SCHOOL SITTER with plentiful ADHD experience for boy 7, and his sister, 10, at a competitive salary.

    $30-35/hour gross, plus a monthly metrocard, PTO, guaranteed income.


    Are you drawn to working with kids who are neurodiverse? Are you quite organized and structured, yet understanding when you need to pivot and shift focus or plans?

    We're welcoming back into the fold a veteran SmartFamily who left during the pandemic and helping them to find their next after school sitter. They have two kids, 7 and 10. Their son had ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder, so an understanding of this and experience working with children who are neurodiverse is invaluable to them.

    This is a wonderful after school position for someone who is looking to bond with and tackle the day-to-day challenges with them. A true team player who can bond with the kids and guide the young boy through this phase of his life as they work together to find what strategies work best for him and them as a family.

    It's $30-35/hour gross for 20 hours/week guaranteed. They are happy to guarantee the income each week. offer a metrocard, PTO, and sick pay to start! They are seasoned employers who get how this works and value their people!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    This is a role for someone who has a passion for working with neurodiverse young children and a background doing so. The type of person who can keep kids on schedules and enjoys consistency, yet can flex to support the child and parents successful will do really well in this role. Their son needs someone who can be patient and open minded, and isn't too rigid about how things are done as long as they get done. Someone who doesn't take things too personally is ideal as well, so a person who wants to expand their already lengthy experiences with children who have ADHD will thrive.

    A cool, calm, collected, and ultimately understanding type of person will really enmesh themselves into this role and understand that the boy's behaviors and approaches are not about them, but the way his brain is working.


    The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 230/3 to 6:30 PM. Flexibility to help with additional hours for school holidays and date nights. 
    They can guarantee 20 hours/week. 
    The schedule will start in September. 

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  • FULL-TIME NANNY: Warm, creative and loving nanny for 2.5-year-old girl in Chelsea

    $52,000-$62,400/year ($25-30/hour gross) with benefits!


    Are you looking for a hands-on role with an adorable toddler? Looking to grow with a loving family? This could be the job for you.

    A fantastic SmartFamily in Chelsea is looking for the perfect SmartSitter for their 2.5-year-old daughter. While they're still working out exact hours, their ideal schedule is 30-40 hours/week with flexibility. Responsibilities will include pick up and drop off, as well as some household management activities (meal-prep for the girl, tidying, etc). They would also love support in scheduling playdates/activities during the school year. They are looking for someone positive and loving to support and nurture their independent and shy daughter as she transitions back into the school year. The right candidate will also be comfortable traveling to the Hamptons and living in with the family during the summer! The family has been very cautious with COVID, and both parents are vaccinated, so someone either in the process of or fully vaccinated is crucial, and who is still using precautions. They are open to someone who needs to take public transit to reach them.

    This role is salaried at $52,000-$62,400/year ($25-30/hour) for 40 hours/week guaranteed. They are looking for someone to start in August by joining them in the Hamptons! Don't let this one pass you by - apply today!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    The ideal candidate for this position would be someone positive, loving and warm with a creative and interactive approach to childcare. They are looking for someone reliable and punctual, who trusts their gut! Cleanliness is also a huge factor. Two years of full-time experience (including potty training and CPR certification) are a must. A second language would be awesome, and early childhood education background is a big plus! The family will be doing some traveling, so someone with a go-with-the-flow attitude who is comfortable with travel and flexibility would be ideal. They go to the Hamptons every summer, so someone who is excited to join them and live-in is essential. They would love to welcome the right candidate into their family as one of their own!


    Core schedule during the school year is 7:30 AM - 10 AM and 1 PM -7 PM Monday to Friday. The family is happy to guarantee 40 hours/week, but flexibility is key!

    They go to the Hamptons in the summer, and would like their caregiver to travel with them and become live-in during that time. The girl will be in summer camp Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm, but family is still happy to guarantee 40 hours/week during this time.

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  • FULL TIME NANNY: Family in Prospect Heights looking for warm, patient, and playful nanny for 3-month-old girl.

    $25-30/hour gross


    Are you looking for a long-term position where you can grow with a family? Want to spend your days snuggling a precious little one? This is the job for you!

    This SmartFamily is looking for an engaging, loving, playful, and caring nanny for their baby girl, who is just over 3 months old. She is bubbly, social, and loves to take in the world around her. She's doing great with independent play, is eating well, and has just started sleeping almost all the way through the night! Days will cover playtime, outdoor adventures, feeding, naps, changing, and any other baby-basics. While she is down, the family would love some light help with meal prepping for her (bottles or solid foods as she grows) and cleaning up any toys or activities from the first half of the day.

    The ideal nanny for these families is someone patient, open, and compassionate, who can go with the flow and is a clear communicator. They are looking for someone with plenty of infant and toddler experience. The family is Jewish Modern Orthodox, so someone who is familiar with Jewish culture and homes is a must - Hebrew speakers would be a great plus! On the COVID front, they have taken the pandemic very seriously, first during the pregnancy and now with the baby. They are looking for someone who is still taking precautions and is vaccinated.

    Rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross for 40 hours/week guaranteed with flexibility. They are looking to have someone start July 1st, with interviews to begin ASAP. Don't miss out on this one - Apply Today!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    The ideal nanny for this family is someone engaging, patient, and warm, who has newborn-infant experience (toddler experience would be a plus for when she gets older). They are looking for someone who is more laid-back, "go with the flow", peaceful, and present, who is a clear and good communicator, and can help foster the growth and development in their little one while also staying calm under pressure. They would love to hear ideas on new and fun ways to engage the kiddos, and are looking for a true team-player. The family is Jewish Modern Orthodox, so someone familiar with Jewish homes, holidays, culture and practice is a must. Someone who speaks Hebrew, while not required, would be a huge plus!


    The core schedule for this role is Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM. Some flexibility to stay late, if needed, would be extremely helpful. The family is happy to guarantee 40 hours/week.

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  • FULL-TIME NANNY/TWO-HOUSE MANAGER with two smart and dynamic kids, 5.5 and 8.5, on the UES with super competitive salary and full benefits.

    $80-100k/year DOE, plus metrocard, PTO, sick time off, full healthcare stipend, and guaranteed income.


    Do you love to organize schedules and make sometimes complicated ones work together? Do you love the challenge of managing a busy family and kids, while splitting your time between childcare and independent work when they are in school? Are you a great team player who can take initiative and be independent in the same turn ?

    A wonderful veteran SmartFamily (read: experienced employer who is offering a competitive salary and benefits for a fantastic person) on the UES is looking for a new full-time nanny to assist their kids in the mornings and after school and manage the shuffle between the parent's households. The nanny will be their right hand and the person really running the show, so if you thrive on turning chaos into organization, creating systems for otherwise lacking situations, and just love your work with and support kids and families then this is your dream job!

    It's a great role for someone who has this experience managing the day-to-day for a family and taking charge for busy working parents while building strong and close connections with them all. They value the role this person will play in their lives and want to show that within the offering.

    It's $80-100k/year (~$1500-2000/week gross) for 52.5 hours/week guaranteed, plus metrocard, PTO, sick time off, full healthcare stipend, and guaranteed income. This job has a great salary AND full benefits with room to grow as the years go on in a successful relationship!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    As organization and attention to detail are so important, one should be able to really think ahead based on what they know of the impending day and be on top of it. This is a super type A person's dream job as is it for someone who really thrives in an environment where they are independent, yet communicative. The parents are clear with their expectations, but happy to have someone who can take charge and really execute things on their own or make judgement calls based on a similar shared understanding of their parenting style.

    In the same vein, if you thrive on consistency and stability, this is a great role. Not only does the family thrive in this environment and strives to keep the boundaries and rules the same between the household, but they are hoping to have someone on long-term for a few years if possible, who can grow with them. They're happy to grow with their nanny and offer incentives for doing a great job and staying. They get that this is what it takes to have someone amazing.

    A tech savvy person will love this job as they use an app, Cozy, and are quick to text about changes and scheduling if needed.

    So you've been a nanny and house manager for years and can bring your vast experiences into this role, amazing! It's a great opportunity to show all the skills and strategies you've learned along the way and apply them into a new role for this family. Create a more organized and seamless day-to-day for them!


    The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 730 AM-6 PM, with flexibility to stay longer on occasion and stay over with the kids if the parents are traveling for work. 
    They are guaranteeing 52.5 hours/week to their nanny.
    They may also add on a second after school babysitter to assist in the upcoming school year to cover part of the afternoons and later evenings.

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  • FULL-TIME NANNY for fun, active, and bi-lingual boy, 2, on the UES with great compensation package and benefits.

    $52,000-64,700/year gross DOE, plus a monthly metrocard, PTO, sick time, and more.


    Do you love working with toddlers?! Are you looking to grow with a new family and build a bond over the years together?! Do you love being independent, supportive and super helpful?! Do you have a ton of experience as a full-time nanny to share with a new family?!

    A thoughtful and kind new family to the network is hoping to find a communicative, responsible, and reliable new nanny for their 2-year-old son. They're looking to build a partnership with their nanny and offer this person a greta role and stability while having stability and consistency for their child and themselves as they grow at work and within their family. The boy is also in school for 3 hours, 2 days/week at the moment, so there is ample opportunity for independent work and other tasks to be done outside of the direct childcare and more mental rest.

    If you are looking for a new full-time role where you can support a growing and busy family, while balancing child care and independent work, than this job is for you!

    They are happy to offer a competitive salary of $52,000-64,700/year gross DOE, plus a monthly metrocard, PTO, sick days, personal days for religious holiday observance, the opportunity to travel or stay overnight with additional compensation, and the opportunity for discretionary bonuses each year! It's a great opportunity to join a family that understands the value and importance of professional employment and a professional working environment for their nanny.

    The position will begin ASAP with interviews taking place right away!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    If you love to engage children thoughtfully and with intention while focusing on their development, you can't go wrong here. They'd love to have someone who can help their little guy meet his milestones while learning as much as he can along the way. He is in a 2s program a few days/week, so someone who can foster educational development and incorporate learning into their days together would be such a big plus! Energy is huge too as he has boundless amounts of energy :)

    Are you a naturally helpful and supportive individual? Is team player your middle name....or favorite phrase? Again, can't go wrong with this job! They are two busy working parents who carve out as much time as possible to spend with the boy (mom picks him up two days/week from school) and understand that their world can keep on turning as a result of having a wonderfully supportive and helpful nanny on their side. Helping with his laundry and meal prep, tidying after play and keeping the space organized is important as well.

    As full-time working parents, a few times a year (with notice) they may have heavy work loads, so flexibility to work more hours with additional compensation is much appreciated! They always make best efforts to give notice and make sure their person has space to relax outside of the position as well.

    Do you like to have some independent time to do your other tasks when the kids are in school? Perfect! He's in school for 3 hours, 2 days/week, so it's the perfect time to catch up on his laundry, stocking the fridge, grabbing some more diapers at the store, or organizing his clothes, etc. It's a rare opportunity when a nanny has time when the kids are not there to get ahead of these tasks and one which can be nice mental and physical recuperation time.

    Are toddlers your favorite age?! As a 2-year-old, he is right in that phase of energy to the nines and moving all over at all times! Having a nanny who is energetic, active, and can roll around on the floor with him is so important for his development and happiness, so if you love being active and silly it's a great role! With this age also come milestones like potty training, so if you have experience here it's a huge plus.

    Any chance you speak a second language?! If not, it's ok, but if you do YAHOO! They speak English and French at home, but they welcome any other second languages as as plus in their team.


    The core schedule is as follows:
    M: 830am to 6.30pm
    T: 8.30am to 4.00pm
    W: 8.30am to 4.00pm
    Th: 8.30am to 6.30pm
    F: 8.30am to 6.30pm

    Some flexibility to assist additionally with compensation would be great for the few weeks a year when mom and dad are working late. Flexibility to help with the very occasional overnight or travel with the family would be fantastic as well!
    The family is happy to guarantee 45 hours/week.

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  • FULL-TIME NANNY: Kind, sweet, and thoughtful new family in Santa Monica with a newborn looking for a loving and proactive nanny.

    $1000/week gross with overtime, plus PTO, sick days, a 30-minute lunch break, and other possible benefits


    Do you love working with newborns and have an affinity for being helpful? Do you love working with new families who've just welcomed their first child? Are you engaging, proactive, and generally a helpful person? Do you also want to be appreciated and valued in your new role?!

    Would you love an initial commitment of 5-6 months to start?! This job is for you!

    A fantastic new family in Santa Monica (and very close friend of the network) just welcomed their new baby boy and would love to find a kind, experienced, and proactive full-time nanny to join their team. The parents both work full-time and mom will be home working remotely after her Mat Leave, with dad in and out of the house and office. Their super lovely people and are excited to meet their new partner who will make such a big impact on their lives and their baby's.

    If you love working with teeny infants and live close to Santa Monica, this one is for you!

    It's $1000/week gross for 45 hours/week guaranteed including overtime, plus PTO, sick days, a daily 30-minute linch break, and other possible benefits. The position will begin July with an initial commitment through the end of Thanksgiving when the family is going East for the holidays.

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    A really helpful person by nature who adores babies would be greta for this role. If you not only have this experience, but want to help two new parents on their journey with their new baby, it's the role for you! They very much believe that it takes a village and value the knowledge and experience that their new nanny will bring to the table.
    if you are looking for a semi-short-term commitment (July to November 2021), love babies, have a helpful nature, and are a team player who values communications and kind interactions, this is YOUR JOB!
    Living near or not a terribly far commute from Santa Monica is best, and having reliable transportation is a must. It doesn't hurt if you like to cook, too :)


    The core schedule is Monday to Friday from 8:30 or 9 AM to 5:30 or 6 PM. Some flexibility is great.
    The family is happy to guarantee 45 hours/week to their new nanny and offer a 30-minute break for lunch per day, PTO, sick days, and other possible benefits.

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  • AFTER SCHOOL BABYSITTER: Organized, engaging, and active babysitter for two girls, 5 and 9, in Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia).

    $20-25/hour gross DOE ($500/week gross+ DOE), plus a stipend for driving the girls.


    Are you in the Philadelphia area? Are you looking for a new after school position? Do you know someone who could be great and lives in Philly....send em our way!

    A long-time SmartFamily is moving to Philadephia and looking for a new after school babysitter for their two girls, 5 and 9! They'll be in Chestnut Hill and the girls are going to school in Germantown. The babysitter will be responsible for picking them up from school, taking them to activities and playdates, taking them to the par, helping with homework, meal prep and sometimes their laundry, and making sure their afternoons run smoothly!

    Some flexibility to assist with full days when school is out or the occasional sick day and date nights is a big plus!

    They are super experienced employer and have been working with SmartSitters since their youngest was an infant.

    It's $20-25/hour gross DOE for 20-25 hours/week guaranteed ($500/week gross or more DOE), plus a stipend to drive the girls. The position will begin in July or August, with some flexibility! Absolutely apply today!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    Someone warm, loving, proactive, fun, and experienced with these two age groups is ideal. Being reliable and timely is an absolute must! They are looking for someone who can keep the weeks running smoothly, and tackle any challenges head on and in an organized way. That said, organization, team work, communication, and an open and bright attitude is a must!

    For meals, the family is more than happy to share their staples which are all really simple and easy to prepare. Someone overall somewhat flexible with an easy going attitude is best. They can be flexible with their person as well to make it a truly successful relationship.

    Finally, someone who is generally really happy and willing to jump in to help as needed and truly be a second hand to the parents who are busy and working FT is paramount!

    A driver's license and clean driving record is required, and having your own car is a huge plus!


    The core schedule is 3-7/8 PM, Monday to Friday.
    Flexibility to assist in the evenings or with full days for school holidays and the occasional sick day for the girls would be a huge plus!
    They are happy to guarantee 20-25 hours/week!

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  • PART TIME NANNY: Warm, patient, and energetic nanny for curious and active 1-year-old girl.

    $30-35/hour gross


    Do you have a background in early childhood education or development? Looking for a job with a playful little girl?

    This SmartFamily is making their way back to the city after being out of the country during the pandemic, and is looking for nanny for their precious, adventurous, and curious 1-year-old. They haven't quite nailed down schedule, but are looking for someone to come in for 20-30 hours/week and play with and help foster development with their daughter. They would also love some support in tidying, her laundry, and prepping meals. They are looking for someone who is compassionate, engaging, and energetic, and who has a background in early childhood education, preferably in the Montessori, Reggio Emilia, or Waldorf approaches. They are looking for a long-term fit, and someone who speaks French would also be a great bonus!

    COVID-wise, once they are back state-side, they will be following CDC guildelines and taking precautions (mask-wearing, hand washing, etc) and are looking for someone who is also continuing to be safe. Someone vaccinated would be ideal, and they would also prefer someone who can walk or bike to them (they are planning to settle on the UES or in Harlem), but they are open to those a short train ride away.

    Rate for this role is $30-35/hour gross, for 20 to 30 hours/week. They are hoping to have someone start between June or July, with interviews to begin ASAP. Apply today!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    The family is looking for someone loving, warm, experienced, patient, caring, and energetic. Someone with 10-15+ years of experience with childcare alone, and with at least 5-10 years of early childhood education experience, ideally in the Montessori, Reggio Emilia and/or Waldorf philosophy - letting the girl guide the day/activities rather than fitting her into structure. Someone with a ton of insight and engagement in helping her her grow and develop joyfully. They are searching for the right long-term fit for their family, and want someone who sees this as beyond just a job, but rather as joining the family team to help nurture and raise the girl and find joy in their time with her. Someone who speaks French would be a huge plus!


    The core schedule hasn't been fully fleshed out, but the family is hoping for 4-6 hours/day, Monday to Friday, likely from Midday to afternoon/evening. They are looking for 20-30 hours/week.

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  • SUMMER LIVE IN: Adaptable, fun, and energetic summer nanny for 3 kids in Nantucket.

    $25-30/hour gross


    Are you looking to spend July at the beach in MA with a lovely and laid-back family? Do you have a bright disposition and positive energy?

    A new family to the network is looking for a summer nanny to live in with them in Nantucket from late June to the start of August. They have three kids, a 4-year-old and twin 1.5-year-olds (all girls!). Their ideal nanny is easy going, adaptable, and fun. Experience with this age group, driving, swimming, and being vaccinated are a must! There is a private space on the ground floor with a private bathroom and entrance for the nanny to use and they are happy to offer weekends and most evenings off for your own space and time!

    It's $25-30/hour gross, plus overtime after 40 hours/week. They are happy to reimburse for all travel to and from Nantucket and cover food when living in. Apply today!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    They are a pretty laid back family, especially in the summer, so someone who matches their personalities and style is best. They try not to overschedule themselves and really enjoy the time together as a family. Dad is working full-time and they like to spend a lot of time together as a family. Someone who is a go with the flow kind of person and is adaptable in terms of the responsibilities of with whom they are caring for is best! It's a real team effort with mom between the three kids.
    Someone energetic who can keep up with the kids. Someone adaptable who can fill in where mom can't be and can anticipate this need or see where they are needed (when they've gotten to know them and been trained on the routine, etc.). Helping with the kids, but also helping to keep things in order at home and really be a helping hand. Helping with the kids laundry and some meal prep for the kids. They eat pretty simply (rice, chicken, roasted vegetables). 
    Someone who can drive and swim! Comfortable riding a bike, too!

    They are also open to a live out situation should someone have a place to stay in Nantucket!


    The core schedule is Monday to Friday, 8:30-5/5:30 PM. 
    They are happy to guarantee at least 45 hours/week with overtime.

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  • FULL-TIME WEEKDAY LIVE-IN NANNY for three sweet girls and a loving and respectful family in Tribeca (benefits and guaranteed income).

    $62,00-73,000/year ($30-35/hour gross), plus benefits like PTO, paid sick time, a metrocard


    Do you have multiple years of experience as a full-time nanny with toddlers and early school aged children? Are you interested in working long-term with a wonderful and communicative and experienced employer family as a live-in nanny? Do you like to have a balance of work with kids and more PA work when they're at school? Do you work well on a team?!

    A really love new SmartFamily is looking for a full-time weekday live-in nanny for their three girls, 4, 5, and 7.5. They are saying goodbye to their nanny of almost 8 years and

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    If you like to have a full-time role with a mix of childcare and more independent work when the kids are at school, this is a really great opportunity! Are you an early riser and self starter? If you like to work as a part of a team with a close knit and communicative family, fantastic! And if you like to spend time (especially summers) in nature and outside the city for fresher air and more space, this is your role!

    The family is looking for someone with multiple years years experience toddlers and in full-time roles who is confident and engaging with young children. The ability to be collaborative and be a team player is a must as both parents are super involved and they believe that it truly "takes a village". Someone kind, but firm who can maintain the house rules and boundaries. 

    Someone confident in the city who can find their way around and is comfortable navigating getting around with the kids. The girls thrive on routine, so someone who is organized and can maintain routines with them to keep things running smoothly for the whole house. Someone who is communicative and flexible, while being supportive and adaptable to changing needs as they may come up with the girls getting older. Someone proactive who can solve problems on their own when they have the training and know how of the position. 

    Someone creative and fun who can come up with activities and plans for them to have fun and be really engaged with them, especially on those days when the girls are home from school. Someone active and physical who can run around with them.

    Someone also very understanding and patient of the big transition they are making from their nanny of 8 years! They may talk about her a lot and be really sad when she leaves, but they will warm up and become the best of friends with their new person!

    Flexibility to live-in in Westchester in the summer with your own space is a must!


    The nanny would arrive Sunday evenings at 7 PM and Leave Friday afternoons.
    The working schedule is Monday to Friday, from 6-7:45 AM, 3:30-8 PM, and several hours in between flexibly working on other household responsibilities when the kids are in school.
    They are happy to guarantee at least 40 hours/week, plus OT when you work more than 44 in a given week.

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  • PART-TIME NANNY: Warm, creative, and engaging nanny for two girls, 3 and 1 month, in Park Slope.

    $25-30/hour gross, plus a metorcard and guaranteed income


    Looking for a part-time position in the afternoons? Have experience with playful preschoolers and cuddly infants? This is the job for you!

    A lovely new SmartFamily in Park Slope has just welcomed their second daughter, and they are looking for a nanny in the afternoons and evenings to handle school pick up, dinner, bath time and bedtime with both of their little ones. They would also love a bit of support around the house (tidying, meal prepping, etc). Mom will be home most of the time, so will be available with a tag team or hand off is needed. They are looking for someone who has experience with multiples, and a true joy for working with kids. Someone who can balance the fun, playful, and creative activities with calm and warm energy and patience. Covid-wise, the family has been very careful and keeping a limited circle, but is starting to expand it a little to those who are also vaccinated. Both parents are fully vaccinated, and Dad will be going into the office soon, with Mom returning to work in September. They're looking for someone who is fully vaccinated, who is still taking precautions and is okay to wear a mask in the beginning as everyone gets to know each other.

    The rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross for 25 hours/week guaranteed. The family is looking to have the role start in early June, with interviews to begin ASAP. Don't miss out on this one - apply today!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    The ideal nanny for this family is someone comfortable with multiples, who has past experience specifically with infants and toddlers. Someone youthful who has a lot of playful and fun energy! The eldest girl really relies on her routine, so someone able to follow and keep to that is crucial. They would love some support with light cooking for the kids (usually simple stuff), some help a bit around the house (putting dishes in the dishwasher, unloading, etc), so someone comfortable with these tasks is a must. Someone engaging, who has some calming, warm energy to balance out the playful and energetic times, who keeps cool when there’s a tantrum, has lots of patience and joy in caring for kids. The family is hoping for someone who's ready to help support and be a member of the team, all working together to make the house run smoothly.


    The core schedule for this position is Monday through Friday in the late afternoon/evenings (probably 4 PM to 8 PM), plus a date night or earlier start on occasion.
    The family is happy to guarantee 25 hours/week.

    The summer may bring changes, with potentially 2 days/week start earlier, from 1 PM to 8 PM through the summer. They're open to discussing this with their person as it gets closer.

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  • FULL TIME NANNY: Fair Haven, NJ family looking for playful, engaging, and warm nanny for their two boys, 3 and 3 months with competitive salary and FULL benefits.

    $52,000-62400/year gross + transportation reimbursements, PTO, paid sick time off, guaranteed income, and a healthcare reimbursement!


    Are you looking for a wonderful full-time job with a competitive salary and full benefits? Do you want to join a team where you are a valued member of their team? Do you live in NJ? Do you love working with infants and toddlers?

    A veteran SmartFamily in Fair Haven, NJ (off exit 114) is looking for a nanny for their sweet and energetic 3-year-old and 3-month-old sons. The schedule as it stands, is likely to be Monday to Friday, from around 8 AM to 5:30 PM. With this in mind, they're looking for about 45 hours/week with potential for extra hours as needed/available. If you are a super engaging and playful nanny, you will love working with these kids. This is the role for someone who wants to work with a family who are experienced and good employers, too. Have a job that love you back!

    The nanny will help with pick-ups, drop offs, playtime and outdoor activities, and a bit of support around the house (meal-prepping, laundry, etc)! They also would love some light help with meal prep, light tidying, and the boys' laundry. Someone able to be flexible and supportive is essential! Mom will be on maternity leave until later in the summer, but once she returns to work, likely either she or dad will be working from home, and can be an extra set of hands.

    The rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross for 40 hours/week guaranteed ($52,000-62,400/year), plus a healthcare reimbursement, travel reimbursement, PTO, paid sick time off, and a guaranteed income! They are looking for someone to start by August, but are open to starting sooner if they find the right fit. Apply today!

    The Ideal Nanny for this Job

    Do you have multiple yeas of experience as a full-time nanny with young children? Great, the family is looking for you!

    Do you lead with patience and humor when working with children? You'll fit right in with this kind and warm family who loves to be silly, too.

    Do you value positive discipline and a cool, calm, and collected approach? The family is looking for someone who can hold firm boundaries with the toddler, while still being warm and empathetic to big toddler emotions! It's this experience that will prove so valuable to the role!

    Are adaptable and supportive in your working relationships with families and children? It's wonder because they are still working out exactly what needs will be once Mom is done with maternity leave, so someone flexible and supportive is also a huge help.

    Do you want to work with a family that will value you as a professional and offer you full benefits with competitive pay? You know this one is for you, then! They're happy to offer a guaranteed income, PTO, paid sick time off, a healthcare reimbursement, and travel reimbursement to their new nanny, along with a competitive salary. They value this role in their lives and want to do right by their nanny so they will grow with their family and be happy in their new role.


    The core schedule of this role is likely to be around 8 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. The family is looking for ~45 hours/week, with potential opportunity for overtime/extra hours if the nanny is available.

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