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Backup Care Work as a Babysitter

backup care work for babysitters

For those of you already in the SmartSitting network, you have no doubt seen our “BUCA” emails. These emails go out for babysitting opportunities in backup care through our partnership with Bright Horizons. But what is backup care? How does it work and is it right for you? If you are an extraordinary babysitter thinking about joining an agency, could SmartSitting’s backup care program be the perfect way for your to get your foot in the door?

What is backup care?

Backup care is a program that allows companies to offer their employees last-minute and fill-in childcare when their normal childcare arrangement falls through. This might happen when school is closed or a regular nanny has an emergency or takes a vacation. The backup care babysitter comes into the home and provides childcare services for the time the family needs. This might be for one day or for several weeks. The set-up allows parents to go to work as usual, knowing that their child is well taken care of by a trusted caregiver. 

At SmartSitting, we have partnered with Bright Horizons, a leading childcare and education organization. On one had, we provide their clients with stellar babysitters from within our network. On the other, we are able to offer sitters in our network a nearly endless amount of work opportunities. Now that’s a win-win situation!

Are you a good fit?

The bottom line is, to be a good fit for backup care babysitting work, you are going to be a person who loves to help people. You thrive off supporting working families and save their day. You can think quickly and easily adapt to new situations. Backup care is also ideal for babysitters who are new to an area and eager to get to know different neighborhoods. (Inside tip: this is a bonus if you intend to apply for long-term work with a family. Families love when you know their area and what kid-friendly activities are nearby!) 

Backup care work is also excellent for babysitters who are looking for flexibility in their schedule and the ability to work around their other existing commitments. Many of our BUCA sitters balance babysitting work with auditions, grad school, creative endeavors, or a regular part-time job. Some nannies looking for more long-term work have also benefited from backup care work as a source of income and a way to test out different neighborhoods while looking for their ideal, permanent position.  

Why work in babysitting backup care?

The main benefits of backup care include a steady stream of income, as there is no shortage of work. The ability to essentially create your own schedule based on your availability is another huge perk. Current babysitters in the network have expressed how they appreciate meeting and learning about different families and cultures. This not only makes them more well-rounded babysitters, it’s just a lovely way to experience the world around them. 

In terms of concrete benefits, backup care work through SmartSitting also: 

  • Looks great on a resume, for all the skills you pick up and employ in the situation
  • Is a solid stepping stone into a caregiving career and any field that requires proven ability to quickly adapt to new situations
  • Offers a steady income with bonuses and perks

How does backup care employment work through SmartSitting?

Perhaps the best part about working through our BUCA program is that we take care of all the practical bits. This lets you focus on the work and the family and know that the details are all taken care of. Working through backup care means you never have to negotiate rates or schedules. You don’t have to worry about not getting paid, or what to do if, say, a pandemic sweeps through and you’re suddenly unemployed. With BUCA, you are a w-2 employee on the SmartSitting payroll. This means that you get a regular paycheck based on your hours like with any regular job. You have paid into your Social Security, and we have already taken taxes out. Not only is this legally correct, this also protects you in case you need to file for unemployment. 

Beyond the strong base rate, SmartSitting has upped the financial ante with the SmartStars program. We set up this program to recognize and reward those sitters who have really put in the time into backup care each month. It offers a cash bonus in several tiers. Several of our sitters have earned hundreds of dollars in bonuses, as they become pillars of support for so many families! 

So if you are a stellar babysitter or nanny who is ready to go above and beyond for families in need, while working a schedule on your own term and based on your needs, look no further. Apply to be a part of SmartSitting today and chat with your representative about how you can make backup care a win-win situation for you too! For more information about SmartSitting and tips on working in childcare, check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We’d love to hear from you!

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