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Sit Safely: Best Practices for SmartSitters During COVID-19

Thanks to our special COVID-19 programming, our SmartSitters are able to work with dedicated families on a one-on-one basis to provide parents with an extra set of hands during these trying times. If you’re a SmartSitter currently working with a SmartFamily, make sure to follow these tips to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Practice social distancing 

Self isolate at home, utilize delivery services, and minimize trips to high foot traffic areas like grocery stores and pharmacies. When going out, maintain a strict 6-foot distance from others. Due to the contagious nature of COVID-19, anyone you live with must also adhere to your same strict social distancing practices. Your personal social distancing practices will need to line up with your next family; otherwise, you may be asked to self-quarantine before taking a position. 

Confirm your temperature before leaving for work

If you have access to a thermometer, take your temperature before leaving home. 98.6 degrees is the normal body temperature for a healthy person. 

Wear a mask in public

When going outside of your home, wear a mask and cover your nose and mouth. If you don’t have any masks on hand, make your own no-sew mask with these instructions from the CDC

Bring a change of clothes

Out of an abundance of caution, we are encouraging everyone to bring a change of clothes and a plastic bag to work, so you can change into your fresh clothes upon arrival. 

Avoid crowded commutes

When possible, accept jobs accessible by walking or cycling. Stay clear of crowded train platforms, train cars, and buses. Use your own vehicle if you have one. If a family is providing a rideshare, SmartSitters should still wear face masks in the vehicle. 

Leave your shoes outside the door

Upon arriving at your job, please remove your shoes outside the door and leave them there until you leave again.

Sanitize interior and exterior door handles upon arrival at work

Bring or ask for a sanitizing wipe to thoroughly wipe down the door handles both in and outside upon entering and promptly throw it in the trash can. 

Wash your hands in the kitchen sink upon arrival 

After taking your shoes off outside the home and wiping down the door handles, proceed directly to the kitchen to wash your hands for at least 40 seconds with soap and water. This prevents you from accidentally touching interior door handles before cleaning your hands. You can say hi to everyone and continue to chat while showing them how important personal hygiene is and how seriously you are taking everything at this time!

Wipe down your phone and leave it on the counter with the sound on

Using a new sanitizing wipe, clean the outside of your phone or phone cover and screen.  Throw the wipe away in the trash can and place your phone on a visible counter for the rest of the day in case your family needs to reach you.

Wash hands before and after food prep

Wash your hands in the kitchen sink before and after any food prep with soap and water for at least 40 seconds. 

Wipe down counters and surface before and after meal prep and meals

Use a sanitizing wipe or disinfecting spray to clean all surfaces where meal prep and meals take place before and after for extra precaution. 

Wash children’s hands before they eat

Help the children wash their hands before and after any snacks or meals. You can do this together while singing a song and teaching them good hygiene habits!

Eat separately from the children

Eat at a nearby kitchen counter where you can still see and interact with the children or separately after the kids have eaten. While it is unorthodox, germs are easily transmitted during meal times, and this limits exposure for all!

If you’re a SmartSitter looking for more advice on dealing with COVID-19, make sure to check back for upcoming blog posts to help you during these trying times. 

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