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Meet our January SmartSitting SmartStars!

It’s no secret that sitters and nannies in the SmartSitting network are rockstars, in the last year perhaps more than ever. SmartSitters have been and continue to be essential workers, helping parents and families keep their routines as much as possible. They provide invaluable stability in a constantly changing environment. 

Many of our sitters and nannies work for families through our partnership with Bright Horizons backup care. To recognize and reward them for their exceptional hard work, we have started the SmartStars program. The SmartStars program lets us highlight and bonus our hardest working caregivers, as a thank you for all they do.

We are beyond thrilled to present to you our January SmartStars, who worked the most hours through our backup care programs in January. We are so grateful for all that they do and so proud to have them in the SmartSitting network! 

If you are interested in booking one of our SmartStar sitters, reach out to us today. But best act quickly, these SmartStars get snapped up fast! 

Shamair S.

SmartSitter Shamair S

Originally from the beautiful island of St.Kitts, I discovered my passion to nurture, teach and make a positive impact on the lives of our little ones upon moving to New York City. After working several nanny positions, I became a Certified Montessori Infant/Toddler Teacher for AMS- American Montessori Society. This experience was just exciting because I got to learn a lot about child development, pedagogy, how to interact and communicate with families. It was just awesome.

Working with children is such a joy and I’m happy to be part of their lives. I’ve work with over 50 children in my life, and I’ve loved every experience because I learned something new every time… as they grow, so do I. 

Jennifer A. 

SmartSitter Jennifer A

I am a native New Yorker living in Manhattan. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Minor in Journalism from Marymount Manhattan College. My best school subjects are English, Spanish, and Art. Additionally, I am computer/tech savvy, have great project management skills, am proficient in Spanish, and a good swimmer. I’ve been casting children in films and commercials for 12 years, and working in childcare for the last 5 years. My hobbies are baking, sports, going to the movies, visiting museums, traveling around the U.S and abroad, and taking my dog to the park.

I believe in being a positive mentor. I believe communication, a safe environment and positive mentorship, allow for a nurturing environment for children to grow.

Jennifer is also BIPOC Advocate on the SmartSitting Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Khiry S.

SmartSitter Khiry S

I am a natural care-giver at heart. I love to be of service. Growing up, my mother used to run an daycare during the summer at our home. She took the time to learn how to respect each child as an individual. Every child left our home feeling safe and excited to return. I received my Bachelor in Fine Arts from Marshall University, focusing on Theatre Performance. When I began working professionally, I was introduced to the magical world of children’s theatre and teaching through theatre. It completely changed my outlook and revealed extended purpose to my passion of performance. 

When I moved to New York, I began working with families that needed sitters after school and during the summer. Most of the children I cared for ranged from 13 months to 10 years old. I have spent a lot of time assisting with homework, preparing lunches, going on fun and safe park visits, and playing a lot of make-believe. My main goal is to listen to the parents of the children I watch and to enforce their values. I also wish to carry on the tradition of my mother’s daycare by making sure every child I am caring for feels seen, heard, and respected.

Kelcie C

SmartSitter Kelcie

I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. Growing up, I found myself being drawn to the performing arts, so I transitioned to a charter school for my high school years and graduated in 2017 as a musical theatre major. I have been working professionally with children for about three and a half years. In New York, I have worked steadily with multiple families as a part time nanny or date-night babysitter, with children ranging from 2 years old to 11 years old. I was also a head nursery attendant when I lived in PA, so I was in charge of groups of toddlers during the weekly church services.

I love reading, learning about history, and keeping active and creative. Spending time with children gives me so much joy, and I acknowledge and pride myself on the fact that I play a part in the shaping of both the child’s emotional growth but also in their passions and knowledge. I am a big believer in the idea that every little things matters, no matter how big or small. That philosophy is incorporated into my approach with childcare. I strive to make every child I work with feel seen and heard, and remind them of their importance and things that they can accomplish.

Kyla K

SmartSitter Kyla K

I grew up as part of a big family in North Florida. Having an elementary school teacher for a mother also meant I spent a lot of time on, and even enjoyed, schoolwork. I’ve worked with children in some capacity for almost as long as I can remember, since babysitting at church at 12 years old. Eventually I landed a job as a part time nanny to a 4-year-old-girl. Once I moved to New York, I found a job with a nanny share company where we specialized and were trained in the Montessori method of teaching. For the majority of my time with them, I was the full time nanny to a little boy who was 5 months old when I began, and had his first birthday shortly after I left them.

As well as instilling a joy of learning in me, I believe watching my mother teach when I volunteered in her classroom also planted the seed that grew into my love of teaching children and helping them grow. I have a deep love of music and arts and crafts, both of which I love to share with the children in my care. I have some experience with baby sign language as well. Children are some of the best actors and storytellers, and I love encouraging them to explore their imaginative and creative sides. Watching children grow into their personalities and learn about the world they live in is such an exciting experience, and it’s very important to me to be their to nurture every child’s creative spirit.

Chakendra F

SmartSitter Chakendra F

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My great grandmother and aunt assisted my grandmother in raising us so we were surrounded by so much love! I’m a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma where I studied theatre at the University of Central Okalnd earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Performance. I’ve spent the past several years working as a singer on cruise ships. I’ve also worked at many theaters across the country as an actor. In my college days, I worked at the YMCA’s daycare center. I’ve also served as a camp counselor every summer from 2010 until 2015 for different organizations. Additionally, I have nannied and babysat regularly for families who have become very dear to me.

My passions are children and theatre! I always reiterate that because I am a proud advocate for arts in education. One of my favorite gigs so far has been as a touring actress, performing children’s shows at schools and venues. Alongside performing for the children, we had the opportunity to have “Q&A’s” with the children where they were able to ask us questions about the shows and/or our lives. My favorite kind of theatre is when it is geared towards children.

Congratulations to all our SmartStars!

Do you think you have what it takes to become one of our next SmartStars? Do you love working with kids and have great experience as a caregiver? Fill out an application online today!

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